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From 1st January 2021, Customs Declarations will be required on all goods travelling from GB to EU and Northern Ireland.  Goods travelling from EU to GB (NI Exception) will be required to make Customs Declarations from 1st July 2021 with the Exception of Controlled goods which will be required from 1st April 2021 (Note All goods travelling from EU to GB will be required to account for duties/taxes to be paid by 1st July 2021).  It is the Importer or Exporter of the Product who are responsible for the Customs Declarations (although they may appoint an Experienced Customs Clearance Agent to undertake the process on their behalf).  It is not the responsibility or Transporter/Carrier of goods (i.e. the Haulier) to complete customs declarations HOWEVER, there are a number of new administrative procedures that will be the Transporters responsibility to ensure uninterrupted Journeys, don’t panic though, Motis is here to help!  Use our route by route / scenario by scenario guide to your requirements and how we can help, by clicking on the relevant icon above.  Firstly however, some general important information.



EORI Number (GB) If you are involved in the Import / Export or Transportation of Goods to or From GB you will required a GB EORI Number (www.gov.uk to apply) from 1st Jan 2021 – APPLY NOW
EORI Number (NI) If you are involved in the Import  / Export or Transportation of Goods to of From Northern Ireland you will require an additional EORI number (with a prefix “XI”).
Movement Reference Number (MRN) This is a Unique number & Barcode that is Created when the Customs Entry is undertaken for each consignment.  It is an essential piece of information for the transportation of goods.  It is the Importer/Exporter (or Representative appointed on their behalf) responsibility to Supply the Transporter of the goods the MRN for any consignments that the Transporter is carrying on the Importer/Exporters Behalf.  MRN’s must travel with the vehicle in some form (the driver should have access to them, even in Email format), for loads of multiple consignments there will be an MRN for each consignment on board as they may be required at the Port on arrival.
GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) 

This is UK HMRC’s system for Vehicles arriving and departing the UK.  Details of Cargos (by MRN number), Vehicle details and routing are uploaded/consolidated in the GVMS to an electronic file called the GMR.  This will be available from 1st Jan 2021, but will only be required to be completed on Controlled Goods, Transit Goods and goods travelling from GB to NI immediately. From 1st July all vehicles and goods must be entered into the GVMS.  Drivers/Hauliers can check their arrival status on the GVMS App to know the way to proceed on disembarking Ferry/Tunnel in GB.  Motis Free Flow can assist with using GVMS.

GMR (Goods Movement Reference) This is the Unique number / Barcode produced when journey and cargo details are correctly added to the GVMS.  It is an electronic consolidation of all goods on a particular vehicle and the routing of that vehicle in question and will be requested upon arrival at Port (no GMR, no travel).   Motis Free Flow can assist with Generating GMRs.
PBN (Pre Boarding Notification) Any vehicles travelling in and out of the Republic of Ireland must have a PBN.  It is essentially the same methodology as the GVMS, but for the Republic of Ireland – Again it is the Transporters responsibility to complete/generate this number and check Status before arrival. Motis Free Flow can assist with generating PBNs.
Logistiques Envoloppe

Any Vehicles Travelling in and out of France have the option of creating a “Logistiques Envoloppe”.  This is essentially the same methodology as the GVMS, but for France.  Hauliers can present either MRN(s) OR a Logistiques Envoloppe Barcode at the port.  The benefit of using the Logistiques Envoloppe lies when there are Multiple MRN(s) which you can consolidate under 1 Barcode (the alternative being the Driver to present Multiple MRN(s) when arriving at the port.  Again, it is the Transporters Responsibility to present MRN(s) or a Logistiques Envoloppe and check Status before arrival.  Motis Free Flow can assist with generating Logistiques Envoloppe.

TAD (Transit Document) If your Journey involves transporting goods through a number of Countries (and one of them is Not EU) then you will require a Transit Document.  The Declarant of the goods will raise this on behalf of the Transporter (the transporter must inform the Declarant of Expected routing) and the TAD Document must travel with the Vehicle at all times.  Even when travelling under Transit you will have to complete the above-mentioned processes (dependent on which country you transit through).
ENS Is a Unique number provided (in form of additional MRN) which is produced when a safety and security declaration is made into the ICS (Import Control System).  The Carrier of the goods (if accompanied Freight it is the Haulier, if Trailers are travelling Unaccompanied it’s the Shipping line) is responsible for submitting a Safety and Security Declaration at least 2 hours before arriving in the Country they are travelling too.  This typically consists of data on the vehicle, route travelling, true consignee/consignor, goods being carried, number of packages (upto 27 Pieces of Data).  This will be required for all Vehicles travelling out of GB from the 1st January 2021 - Motis Free Flow can assist with generating the ENS.
S&S GB  This is the GB Safety and Security Declaration; it is essentially the same as an ENS but for Vehicles travelling into GB.  This is not a requirement until 1st July 2021. Motis Free Flow can assist with generating the S&S GB
Kent Access Permit From the 1st January 2021 all vehicles travelling From GB Via Dover or Folkestone MUST have completed a “Check your HGV is Ready to cross the border” form before you enter the County of Kent. Motis Freeflow icon can assist with generating your Kent Access Permit.




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Motis can provide comprehensive Logistics and Operational facilities, including a full customs clearance service (Imports and Exports) for clients utilising our extensive distribution service/Logistics Services. 

Services Provided include: -

  • Cargo handling platform in Dover - 24 hours a day.
  • Full customs clearance for cargos that we are distributing on your behalf.
  • RH&D receiving cargo from inbound vehicles for next day delivery throughout UK & Ireland (ideal for smaller consignments/distanced locations).
  • We can collect cargo from throughout the UK/Ireland to consolidate in Dover for collection (and prepare export documentation).
  • LEZ deliveries included rigid vehicles and tail lift timed deliveries in Central London and other LEZ areas (goods delivered to Dover, we arrange onward shipment).
  • Short/Mid/Long Term Storage.
  • Pick and Pack & Parcel/Pallet distribution.
  • Ecommerce Logistics – Bulk Parcel Storage & Distribution and Returns/Consolidation.
  • Restowing.
  • Exports - Multiple Weekly Trucks available to Morocco, Baltic Countries and Turkey.



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Allow Motis to support you through the new customs process when booking your ferries, by requesting the Motis Freeflow booking service. Motis Freeflow adds value to the booking process for hauliers by supporting you to navigate, or complete all aspects of the new freight clearance requirements.

  • Ensure compliance
  • Free up your time
  • Peace of mind for you and your customers
  • Avoid penalty fines


Take advantage of our expertise and support. We can help!


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