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Motis have partnered with a  Pan European Network of Plug-ins for Refrigerated Units. With over 240 Locations (and counting) throughout Europe, all with multiple points, that provide many benefits to the Refrigerated Transport Operator:


  • Lower Running Costs

The cost of running Fridge Trailers has become increasigly expensive. Switching from a standard diesel generator could mean significant savings for a refrigerated fleet.

  • Improved Sleep for Drivers

Your drivers can get a better, quieter night’s sleep  without disturbing other parkers nearby. In this time of driver shortage, all areas of driver retention need to be considered.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Better for the environment and lowers costs to you. We can even calculate your estimate carbon savings so you can demonstrate the benefits to your customers too.

  • Simple to use

We provide the locations, the driver plugs in and triggers the unit, you pay us at the end of the month for usage. Simple!

How it works

1. The Operator provides Motis with a list of approved mobile numbers.

2. The Driver plugs in & calls an automated system (+44 2036 953 273) and provides the location details.

3. Driver parks and has a great night’s sleep, the Operator sleeps well too, knowing there are cost savings being made.

4. When leaving, the Driver removes the plug and the unit automatically cuts off.

5. Motis invoices the Operator for the time blocks used with registration number, location, date & time used.


Site List

Lymm Lorry Park, Moto Services M6 Exit 20 / M56 Exit 9

Doncaster North, Moto Services, M18 Exit 5

Donnington, Moto Services, M1 Exit 23A

Cherwell Valley, Moto Services, M40 Exit 10

Toddington NB, Moto Services, M1 Between Exit 11 & Exit 12

Toddington SB, Moto Services, M1 Between Exit 11 & Exit 12

Thurrock, Moto Services, M25 between Exit 30 & Exit 31


Emmen, Truck Centrum Emmen, A37 Exit 6

Rogat, Wegrestaurant De Raket, A28 Exit 24

Rotterdam Albrandswaard, Routiers Eemhaven, A15 Exit 18

Zevenbergschen Hoek, De Gouden Leeuw, A16 Exit 20

Roosendal, Secured Parking Borchwerf, A17 Exit 20

Bergen op Zoom, Partner Logistics (Restricted Parking)

Waalwijk, Trucksafe, A59 Exit 37


Meer, IDS Truckstop Joost, A1 Exit 1

Heusden-Zolder, Truckstop 26bis, A13 Exit 26 Ieper, Partner

Logistics (Restricted Parking)


Vipiteno, A22, Exit Autoparco Sadobre

Trento, A22, Exit Interporto Trento

Bologna, A13, Exit Interporto Bologna

Calleferro, A1, Exit Trickvillage Colleferro

Piacenza, A21, Exit GA Terminal Piacenza  


Lauenau, Maxi Autohof, A2 Exit 37

TheeBen, Euro Rastpark, A2 Exit 75

Lippetal, Euro Rastpark, A2 Exit 19

Guxhagen, Euro Rastpark, A7 Exit 81

Hamburg, 24 Autohof, A7 Exit 84

Neuburg, 24 Autohof, A45 Exit 41

Rheinbollen, Aral Autohof Elbert, A61 Exit 45

Waldlaubersheim, Euro Rastpark, A61 Exit 47

Werneck, Euro Rastpark, A70 Exit 3

Geiselwind, Autohof Strohofer, A3 Exit 76

Neuhaus, Autohof Bergler, A93 Exit 20

Bad Rappenau, 24 Autohof, A6 Exit 35

Crailsheim-Sattledorf, Euro Rastpark, A6 Exit 46

Regensburg-Ost, Euro Rastpark, A3 Exit 101

Schweitenkirchen, Euro Rastpark, A9 Exit 66

Jettingen-Scheppach, Euro Rastpark, A8 Exit Scheppach

Muhldorf, 24 Autohof, A94 Exit 20  


La Jonquera, Red Tortuga, AP7 Exit 2

Girona, Parking Padrosa, AP7 Exit 3

Burgos, Castillo El Burgos, A231 Exit 34.


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