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Motorway Tolls

Motorway Tolls Motorway Tolls Box Solution

Motorway Tolls Motorway Tolls

One box simple solution

Single Interoperable Payment device for the Whole of Europe.

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Motis provide EETS certified toll boxes, a single interoperable payment device will allow you to travel in Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Now with Slovenia and Czech Republic being added soon.

Motorway Tolls – One Box Solution
Motorway Tolls – One Box Solution
  • Motis Toll’s will reduce your costs & improve your cash flow drastically!
  • Flexible Payment Terms subject to status
  • Simple Ordering & Toll Registration with very limited paperwork requirements
  • Simple Installation of the Toll Box via the cigarette lighter, plug in & get started OR permanently wired, your choice. This can be done on your own premises!
  • Rental SAVINGS – 1 Toll Box covers several countries (vs 3 or 4 different boxes)
  • Personal Customer Service makes the whole process simple.
  • A more organised windscreen – 1 box rather than 5!!!
  • Tailored Packages with other Motis services provide further savings!
  • One box for multiple countries put simply, fewer boxes.
  • Less boxes mean you pay less rental fees.
  • No more Viacard/Telepass costs for Italy.
  • Easy registration and management through a dedicated premium service, you will be assisted by one of our operational experts who will steer you through the process. It's simple and unique, we will do all the work for you.
  • Activation/deactivation of different country networks is very easy and save you extra costs removing shipping/delivery costs.
  • Clear and transparent invoicing, fee's & discounts, no hidden costs.
  • Flexible credit limits based on your financial situation ensures you improve your cash flow and have better control of your expenses!

Ordering your Motorway Toll boxes with Motis ensures that you have the easiest, most cost effective method of paying for the Motorway charges.

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