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Cargo Handling & Distribution

We recognise that European transport is a 24 hour environment and are pleased to inform you that our loading bays are fully manned day and night. For more information please download our Cargo services flyer. Motis have 24-hour cargo handling facilities at Dover. Vehicles can be unloaded from the back or through the side using purpose-built loading bays. Most cargoes can be handled whether ambient, chilled or frozen. ADR can also be arranged with prior notification. Goods can be offloaded and stored, transhipped, cross-docked or simply restowed – depending on your requirements.

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Advantages of using Motis Cargo

  • Helps Tackle driver shortage issues.
  • Multiple Collections/Deliveries? Why drive further than you need?
  • You complete main collection/delivery “on wheels” and let Motis take care of the smaller consignments (or difficult to access places).
  • Tip in Dover 24/7 for next day deliveries or book Pan UK/Ireland collection for consolidation in Dover and collection 24 hours later (24/7 access) when you are departing the UK.
  • You can Improve Vehicle & Driver utilisation, turn around your vehicles in the UK quicker, more deliveries, less miles & time.
  • Ship Trailers to the UK on Unaccompanied basis to resolve Driver Visa issues.
  • Advance Customs Clearance process saves wait times.
  • Improve your UK/Ireland coverage with a more cost-effective way of achieving and managing 3rd Party collections and deliveries.
  • Simple Solution to collections & deliveries in difficult locations due to distance or lack of local trailer availability.
  • 8000 Trucks a day pass our door traveling all over Europe & beyond.
  • All Non-EU Cargos transiting through Dover come to our facility.
  • Utilise this to achieve lower costs / improved service / broader scope.
  • Immediate Plug in to any Network – UK & Ireland Covered!
  • LCL / Groupage Services Daily to Specific Markets.
  • Provides far later Cut off’s than more Northern Platforms.
  • Advance Customs clearance reduces waiting time.
  • Motis FSA in the Port of Dover provides the perfect platform to service all your UK & Irish Cargo Consolidation and Deliveries.
  • Direct access to Cross channel Ferries ensure that vehicles are turned around quickly.
  • Linehauls are extremely easy to manage due to the huge volume of vehicles passing directly past our site.
  • We can also promote services to provide Cargos to improve your backloads.
  • Why not consider Motis as your UK/Ireland distribution centre.
  • Take advantage of our 24/7 access and advantageous Geographical position in the UK.
  • Motis can provide a Door to Door solution to a number of Key Markets.
  • Our advantage is that we can combine & manage all cost advantages utilised by Forwarders, Transport Operators & 3PL’s with key partnerships and specific direct routes - Globally.
  • Motis FSA Dover is also the key point of Customs Clearance, this is very important today, and Likely crucial after Brexit.
  • We can add Value – Storage, Pick and Pack, Returns, Labelling etc are all available on site further improving the efficiencies on offer.

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