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Motis Freeflow Customs Clearance

Motis Freeflow Customs Clearance

Based at the Port of Dover

Motis Freeflow provides a diverse range of Customs Clearance services, as well as truck parking, and cargo handling & distribution all at the same facility.

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Why choose us?

  • Export & Import Entries
  • Transit Documents (T1 & T2)
  • T.I.R Completion
  • ENS/ICS Safety & Security Declarations
  • GVMS/GMR Creation
  • Preferential Parking Rates for Freeflow Customers
  • Customs Warehousing







Not only will you receive an excellent service for your customs requirements, but also benefit from the Convenient location in Dover Western Docks and excellent driver services on site (350 Secure Truck Spaces, Café, Showers etc).


Customs Journeys

Find out more about the necessary steps you must complete as a haulier / carrier when moving goods through GB, Ireland and the EU.


Since 1st Jan 2021 ENS / ICS (safety & security) declarations have been a mandatory requirement for hauliers to provide when travelling from UK to EU.  Whilst French authorities have been flexible to date, this will be more rigorously enforced going forward.  

Motis Freeflow provides a simple, user friendly online system to complete this.  It includes the ability to repeat previous declarations, “mirror” previous entries and utilise information to complete other customs formalities - as much of the data is common but currently needs repeating. 1 “smart” form for 3 + customs functions!

Learn more by watching our new video on how the process works and discover all the smart functionality we have built in to help you complete your declarations as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


T2 Journey Download

If you are new to T2 transit documents, use our helpful step by step guide The T2 Journey

Enter the UK

Moving goods from the EU into the UK? We've got you covered, with our What we need to Enter the UK 2021 guide.

Route Specific Info

Select your preferred route and find out what you need to know with our Route Specific Information

Find out more about the new requirements for GVMS / GMRs

Moving goods or vehicles from UK to EU?  Not got a Full export declaration (Empty Vehicles / Packaging etc)?  

Motis Freeflow provides a simple and cost effective solution to ensure you are fully compliant as a business and avoid any delays / fines at the border.

Find out your responsabilities as hauliers with EXS declarations and how Motis Freeflow can help, use our simple EXS Summary



With further deadlines approaching for SPS controls are you prepared for the additional declarations that are going to be required? 

Speak to Motis Freeflow to see how they can best assist your business needs to keep the supply chain flowing.

Customs Warehousing

Customs Warehousing

With the benefits of the EMCS system being removed almost wholly by Brexit have you considered changing your business plan to more cost effective method? 

Speak to Motis Freeflow if you are an importer of excise products and they may just be able to save you money on the import process.

The One-stop Shop

  • Comprehensive Customs Service
  • 24/7 Truck parking for up to 350 trucks
  • First class driver facilities
  • Cargo handling & distribution options
  • Freight forwarding service
  • Book your ferries with us

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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