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Note - This isn’t the full customs Process, just that which the Haulier needs to be aware of.

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GB - EU (via Calais process


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  • For EU Import (for FR/EU Authorities) You, the transporter, will need one or more (as required) of the following to cross the border/check-in*
    • Import Pre-Declaration Barcodes 
    • French Logistique Enveloppe - Any Vehicles Travelling in and out of France have the option of creating a “Logistiques Envoloppe”. This is essentially the same methodology as the GVMS, but for France. Hauliers can present either MRN(s) OR a Logistiques Envoloppe Barcode at the port.  The benefit of using the Logistiques Envoloppe lies when there are Multiple MRN(s) which you can consolidate under 1 Barcode (the alternative being the Driver to present Multiple MRN(s) when arriving at the port. Again, it is the Transporters Responsibility to present MRN(s) or a Logistiques Envoloppe and check Status before arrival.  Motis Free Flow can assist with generating Logistiques Envoloppe.
    • TIR/ATA Carnet (if goods travelling under temporary admission)
    • Transit Document (TAD) with MRN Barcodes (as required)

* The Party arranging customs Clearance will be able to provide you with the applicable information above.

gvms iCON

  • For UK Export (for UK Authorities)
    • From 01/01/21 One single GMR is not Mandatory, via GVMS system - This is required on controlled goods and Transit from 01/01/21. Visit Healthcerts for more information.
    • From 01/07/21 One Single GMR is Mandatory, via GVMS system 

* The Party arranging customs Clearance will be able to provide you with the applicable information above

Motis Freeflow logocan assist in this if required.

TAD Icon

  • In both cases (UK Import/EU Export If goods travelling under transit then the Transporter/Driver MUST have a copy of Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) with your vehicle along with your normal paperwork requirements.  If the TAD is pre-approved then you need to do nothing more, if not, then you, the transporter NEEDS to take the TAD to the customs office of departure for authentication.

Kent Access Permit Icon

  • Before entering Kent, you, the transporter) MUST complete the Kent Access Permit if your vehicle is 7.5 tonnes or over – This is essentially a check list that is required to ensure you have the correct paperwork requirements.  A Kent Access Permit will be issued:

Traffic lights

  •  Motis Freeflow logocan include the option to complete the Kent Access Permit within the ferry booking process (although it is the Haulier's responsibility to ensure it is done).

French ENS

  • FR ENS Entry Safety & Security declaration is required 2 hours before goods arrive in Calais (this will be triggered at Ferry / Tunnel Check in and there will be notification on board on the status when you arrive).  The driver must identify their status and follow the instructions (again, a traffic light system), their vehicle status will be highlighted on a screen on board the ferry/at arrival (in case of Eurotunnel). Motis Freeflow logocan assist in this if required.

Animal Iconfish

  • EU country of destination importer arranges local import entry and any other specifics for the goods. A visit to a border control post in Calais may be required for certain types of goods.


  • Drivers of empty trailers should complete our standard check-in process including border exit checks and move to the loading lanes in preparation to board the vessel (accompanied) or take the trailer where instructed within the yard (unaccompanied).
  • Drivers of all loaded trailers must present the correct declaration MRNs to our check-in staff on arrival.

Animal Iconfish

  • Drivers should inform check-in staff if their vehicle contains live animals, animal products, fish or plant products.

Motis can provide comprehensive Logistics and Operational facilities, including a full customs clearance service (Imports and Exports) for clients utilising our extensive distribution service/Logistics Services. 

Services Provided include: -

  • Cargo handling platform in Dover - 24 hours a day.
  • Full customs clearance for cargos that we are distributing on your behalf.
  • RH&D receiving cargo from inbound vehicles for next day delivery throughout UK & Ireland (ideal for smaller consignments/distanced locations).
  • We can collect cargo from throughout the UK/Ireland to consolidate in Dover for collection (and prepare export documentation).
  • LEZ deliveries included rigid vehicles and tail lift timed deliveries in Central London and other LEZ areas (goods delivered to Dover, we arrange onward shipment).
  • Short/Mid/Long Term Storage.
  • Pick and Pack & Parcel/Pallet distribution.
  • Ecommerce Logistics – Bulk Parcel Storage & Distribution and Returns/Consolidation.
  • Restowing.
  • Exports - Multiple Weekly Trucks available to Morocco, Baltic Countries and Turkey.



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