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Motis Freeflow have designed an online platform that massively simplifies the Customs declaration process, ensuring our customers make significant time and cost savings and are fully compliant when importing or exporting goods.


Submit all these declarations simultaniously, in just a few simple steps.

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With a single declaration form, you can achieve multiple Customs requirements simultaneously which would otherwise require duplication in each individual declaration.


You decide what declarations you need to complete, as required. From just one form, each selected declaration is submitted to the relevant authority simultaneously or to Our Freeflow Team to pick up on your behalf.









All these declarations can be submitted in just a few simple steps.

For regular cargo flows, if you have load types that are very similar to each other, our intelligent Customs Pro allows you to clone previous declarations from your history into a new submission. With one click this copies the data over to a fresh declaration form, ready for you to make any tweaks necessary for your new load.

The system will also recognise previously entered information such as Consignee and Consignor details and auto fill these relevant fields to speed things up for you.

The Customs Pro will even allow you to save declarations prior to final submission, for you to come back to later. Ideal for larger groupage loads as you can keep a draft and add consignments to the load, only submitting when the load is complete.

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Complete your ferry booking and any necessary customs paperwork at the same time with the Customs Pro. Our updated booking process gives you the option to transfer any relevant booking information already submitted and can be automatically used in your customs declaration form.

All of this can save significant time and costs and gives a central point to keep a record of all your previous declarations and associated MRN’s / Paperwork.

Register today for a Motis Account to enjoy the all the benefits of the Motis Freeflow Customs Pro.

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